What’s  looming...well perhaps you might get a cuppa and sit down for a wee bit.

TheSwedishFlicka is a variety shop of up-cycled projects. We enjoy creating RAG RUGS from a plethora of upcycled clothing and fabrics. Then, we use the remaining pieces of cloth for our cozy PATCHWORK SCARVES, and just when we thought there were no more uses for the scraps left...we make woven POTHOLDERS! 

We thought this was enough ideas to stock our shop with....but then we realised that there might be others that might like to get started looming too. Now we have added locally hand-made wooden potholder looms for you to create your very own potholders. Afterall, making potholders is how it all began for us~here at The Swedish Flicka.

Large Rag Rug weaving takes a bit of time, but it gives you such a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Then the feeling of walking on the finished hand-woven product is just so blissful! We cannot get enough of these rugs in our own home. So whether it is a big weave or a small one...it's all the voice of tradition being passed down!

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